Strategy and business model

Eagle Filters has three business areas: High performance Filtration Solutions, Respirators and Advanced Materials. The three business areas deploy Eagle’s advanced fiber technology that combines high performance filtration with decreased pressure drop and low cost. Eagle’s Filtration Solutions are targeted to energy utilities and advanced industrial applications, whereas the Advanced materials business area has the potential to expand the use of Eagle’s technology for a broad range of applications. One key target for the materials business is building HVAC. Eagle’s technology enables improved indoor air quality and lower energy consumption, at a competitive cost. 

Key figures & financial targets

Eagle Filters Group Oyj does not provide short term guidance. Eagle Filters Oy targets an average annual revenue growth of more than 30% and an average annual EBITDA-% of more than 20 % in the mid-to long term.

Eagle Filters Group Oyj:

EUR’000 Full year 2022 Full year 2021 Full year 2020
Revenue 110 180 185
Operating result -839 -685 -820
Earnings per share (EUR) -0.02 -0.04 -0.04
Shareholders equity 12 565 9 484 10 215
Equity ratio 71,0% 61,4% 72,2%
Net debt 2 634 4 406 3 250
Total assets 17 694 15 446 14 340
Cash and cash equivalents 656 43 650

Eagle Filters Oy:

EUR’000 Full year 2022 Full year 2021 Full year 2020
Revenue 3 520 2 934 2 295
Revenue growth 20% 28% 2%
EBITDA  -2 647 -2 697 -1 556

Further financials

For further financials please see Eagle Filters Group´s reports and presentations here.

Definition of key figures

Key figure Definition
Earnings per share Result for the (financial) period / Issue and conversion-adjusted weighted average number of shares
Weighted average number of shares Issue and conversion-adjusted weighted average number of shares
Equity ratio (%) (Total equity x 100) / total assets
Net debt Current and non-current loans from credit institutions, less cash and cash equivalents.

Estimates and analyst coverage

According to Eagle Filters Group´s knowledge, there are no analysts that follow Eagle Filters Group as an investment at the moment. 

Eagle Filters has previously being followed by Penser bank (Sweden). The estimates provided on this page are independent and impartial opinions of Penser bank. Eagle Filters Group cannot influence the content of these analyses or the reliability of the information they contain. The information should not under any circumstances be regarded as investment advice. Penser bank´s analyses are prepared in Swedish and English, and the reports can be viewed here.